What can we learn from pipefish: from sexual selection to climate change (and back again)

About the talk The lecture will discuss the Syngnathids form a truly unique family of teleost fish that encompasses pipefishes, seadragons and the iconic seahorses. Apart from obvious genetical, morphological and behavioural similarities, all syngnathids share an unique character that sets them aside from all other taxa, aquatic or terrestrial: male pregnancy. During development, the […]

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Speakers Hall, University of Saint Joseph, Rua de Londres 16, Macau, China,


Prof. Ágata Dias visited the Dep. of Earth Sciences of the HKU

On 13th of November Prof. Ágata Alveirinho Dias visited the department of Earth Sciences of the University of Hong Kong. She met Prof Mei-Fu Zhou, Prof. Zhao, Prof. Min Sun and Prof. Jin and worked in the ICP-MS lab running Hf isotopic analyses on zircons from granites of Macau

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Science Promotion Week

Science Promotion Week at the Venetian Exhibition Hall

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