Introductory Statistics Using R / R語言統計學入門課程 course

ISE, USJ, Macao: Feb, 26星期一to Mar, 13星期二 : 18:30 – 21:30H.

The course aims to introduce you to basic statistical analysis and to the open source software R, a programming language for statistical computing with graphical capabilities. If you are interested, register by sending an email to with name, mobile number, email address and the name of the course. More info:

The benefits of R software:

  • R is free. R is open-source and runs on UNIX, Windows, and Macintosh.
  • R has an excellent built-in help system.
  • R has excellent graphing capabilities.
  • Students can easily migrate to the commercially supported S-Plus program if commercial software is desired.
  • R’s language has a powerful, easy to learn syntax with many built-in statistical functions.
  • The language is easy to extend with user-written functions.
  • R is a computer programming language. For programmers, it will feel more familiar than others and for new computer users, the next leap to programming will not be so large.