The increasing pressure on natural resources and rising environmental degradation is driving a demand for well-trained professionals in environmental sciences and management both by the private and public sectors. The programme balances research-based modules (e.g. Environmental Technologies; Ecotoxicology and Environmental Health) with management-related modules (e.g. Environmental Management; Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship) to train professionals that master the specific concepts and methods of environmental sciences and that are also able to implement environmental solutions in organizations and industries. A highly qualified body of international researchers from diverse scientific areas supports the programme, allowing students to be integrated in research projects and receive hands-on training in advanced methods and techniques in environmental sciences. This provides a dynamic and engaging learning environment where students can develop skills and acquire knowledge useful for a career in a number of environment-related areas. Ultimately, the programme aims to increase the supply of professionals that can contribute with solutions to the demanding environmental challenges that the world is facing.






  • In companies and governmental agencies of any nature to implement Environmental Management Systems;

  • In Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Quality Monitoring and Environmental Remediation teams;

  • In laboratories to establish and run analytical protocols for the quantification and characterisation of pollutants;

  • As technicians in liquid and solid waste management stations;

  • As consultants in environmental consulting companies;

  • As educators in environmental sciences;

  • In environmental protection governmental agencies and NGOs;

  • In R&D in environmental sciences in private and public companies;

  • As researchers in universities and higher education institutes


  • “Occurrence of Environmental Endocrine Disruptors in Macau and Bioremediation Strategies” by Alexandre Lebel
  • “Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gases in Macau: Assessment on the Potentials of Natural Gas Development” by Lei Chon Kio
  • “Guidelines for an Oriented Organic Valorization Strategy for Macao” by Lei Man Sao
  • “Assessment of Ambient Particulate Matter Concentration in Schools of Macau” by Leong Seng Nam
  • “Adoption of Best Practices for Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Management in Macao” by Li Warren Man Ho
  • “Pyrolysis of Sewage Sludge in Macau: A Feasibility Study” by Mak Shui Sun
  • “Environmental Contamination by Microplastics in Macao: Contribution of Personal Care Products” by Sam Pui Wai
  • “Light Pollution in Macao: Assessment of Night-Sky Brightness and Potential Implications” by Tam Ka Ka
  • “Traffic Pollution & Urban Design, Alternatives for Developing Healthy Historical Centers. The Case of Macao” by Francisco Vizeu Pinheiro

List of selected open talks, Seminars and Roundtables