Paris Agreement: Challenges and International Regimes, by José Eduardo Martins and Prof. Julien Chaisse

José Eduardo Martins (Former Secretary of State for the Environment of Portugal) Prof. Julien Chaisse (Faculty of Law, Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong)  

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Mesozoic magmatism in Macao: What is known so far and future developments, by Dr. Pedro Quelhas

Dr. Pedro Quelhas (ISE-USJ and FCUL)   Pedro Quelhas graduated in geology from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL) and is currently a PhD student in the Institute of Science and Environment from USJ, where he is developing his research work on the petrology and geochemistry of Igneous Rocks from Macao: […]

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Hydrothermal events in Hong Kong: constraints on timing and depth of occurrence, by Prof Chan Lung Sang

Prof Chan Lung Sang (PHKU and HKU SPACE) Prof Chan Lung Sang is currently Principal of HKU SPACE Community College and HKU SPACE-Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College, as well as professor in Department of Earth Sciences at HKU. He received his bachelor degree from CUHK and his Masters and PhD in geology and […]

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Evolution of the late Mesozoic magmatic systems in Hong Kong: New perspectives from zircon geochronology and trace element analyses, by Denise Tang

Denise Tang (GEO/CEDD, Hong Kong)   Denise graduated from the Department of Earth Sciences, HKU and joined the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) as a graduate trainee in 1999. Since then, she has dedicated herself to the geology profession, and been working at the GEO for over 15 years. Denise co-authored the popular geology book “Hong […]

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Reconstructing the architecture of the late Mesozoic Southeast China continental margin, by Dr. Roderick J. Sewell

Dr. Roderick J. Sewell (Hong Kong Geological Survey, GEO, CEDD, HKSAR)   Rod Sewell has been a member of the Hong Kong Geological Survey for over 27 years. Following completion of his PhD on an extinct volcano in New Zealand, he worked for the New Zealand Geological Survey studying volcanic geology and tectonics, with excursions […]

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Metal pollution in South China, by Prof. Wen-Xiong Wang

Prof. Wen-Xiong Wang (Chair Prof in the Division of Life Science, HKUST) About the Talk With increasing industrialization, metal pollution has become a new emerging environmental problem in many estuaries in China. Our understanding of the scale of metal pollution, as well as the impact on the estuarine ecosystem, is still limited, largely due to […]

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Sailing Talks 2015

A sailing trip around Macao was organised in October 2015 with students from our Master in Environmental Sciences and Management. A series of talks onboard about topics like environmental protection in Macao, sustainable architecture, the geological origin of the territory and biodiversity and coastal ecosystems conservation were given by USJ professors. You can check the […]

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The Earth’s Last Frontier: deep-sea hydrothermal vents

“The Earth’s Last Frontier” Mini-ROVs and “Kit do Mar” WORKSHOPS During the exhibition duration, free workshops on how to use the Mini-ROV will be offered to the public. We invite you to join us in the lobby exhibition gallery to enjoy this innovating experience. 8 to 10 of May 2015 Mini-ROV workshops: Interactive activities in a […]

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Survey on public environmental consciousness in Macao — A pearl river delta comparison

ABOUT THE TALK Environmental issues have become pervasive in our daily lives and there has been an increase in public concern on the degradation of the environment in recent decades. The Macau SAR government has been a major player in the promotion of public environmental awareness in the local arena but there has been no […]

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