Created in 2014, the Institute of Science and Environment is an academic unit of the University of Saint Joseph. The mission of the Institute is centred around four axis: 
1. Research. To develop research of the highest standards in the Natural Sciences, with a focus on Environmental Sciences, contributing towards the understanding of our natural world; 
2. Teaching. To prepare highly qualified professionals by balancing experiential learning with solid theoretical foundations in academic programmes anchored around in-house research lines; 
3. Community. To promote science dissemination and education in Macao as we believe that proper education in science and technology is fundamental for responsible decisions by citizens and, ultimately, social progress; 
4. Internationalization. To foster cooperation with international partners and, in particular, to s
erve as a platform for scientific cooperation between China and Portuguese speaking countries.

The Institute provides a  dynamic, engaging and international learning environment in Macao where students and researchers can actively contribute to scientific progress while developing as skilled professionals and responsible citizens.

Prof. David Gonçalves
Dean of the Institute of Science and Environment