The PhD Programmes are research-oriented degrees aimed to develop advanced theoretical and practical research skills in a specific area of knowledge. PhD candidates complete main modules in research methods and foundation knowledge in their proposed research field, and then work with a supervisor to complete their PhD thesis.

PhD candidates are expected to develop an original scientific work that contributes to a significant theoretical advance in the field. The main objective of the programme is to prepare highly qualified professionals, capable of developing R&D activities in private and public organizations or to develop an academic career.

 Typical Duration
3 to 5 years part-time (evening) programme

Teaching Medium
English / Portuguese / Chinese


Students complete the curricular part of the programme during the first year, which is composed of the following 5 modules:

  1. Methodologies of Investigation
  2. Methods and Techniques for Quantitative Research
  3. Methods and Techniques for Qualitative Research
  4. Integrative Research Seminars
  5. Specialist Studies and Reading Program

During the first year students are also required to prepare a thesis proposal. The approval of the proposal and completion of all the modules is a requirement to progress to the thesis-writing stage of the programme.


YEAR 2 Onwards

This is the major part of PhD student’s studies. Working directly under an academic supervisor, the student independently completes an original and significant research project. Students cannot start their thesis until the work proposed and supervisory arrangements have been approved by the university.