We develop research projects on a broad range of environment-related topics, covering the ecology and dynamics of the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in Macau, the physiological impacts of different categories of pollutants in aquatic animals, light and air pollution levels in Macao, among others.
Our projects also aim to generate scientific data that may be useful for decision-makers and to bring awareness to the local community on the importance of protecting local ecosystems and biodiversity.  


This research line focuses on social behaviour and animal communication. How animals adjust their behaviour to environmental and social conditions, how communication systems develop and the underlying physiological mechanisms mediating these processes has been the subject of some of our projects. 
Our research integrates behavioural, electrophysiological, neuroendocrine and genomic approaches to answer our questions.   


Our team has been researching geological processes both on land and in the deep-sea. On land, the team has characterized the petrology and geochemistry of Macao granites using elemental and isotopic analyses in to understand the geological history of the territory.
In the deep-sea, our research has focused on  mafic and ultramafic hydrothermal systems and associated seafloor deposits, both on active and discrete fields.