WELCOME to the SeaMin project – In-situ trace elemental and isotopic constraints on modern seafloor massive sulfide mineralization – 现代海底块状硫化物成矿作用的原位微量元素和同位素限制

The project brings together researchers from Macau SAR, Mainland China, Europe and Australia, highly experienced in the study of seafloor sulfide massive (SMS) deposits. It is proposed an innovative approach for the characterization of SMS deposits by applying state-of-the-art in-situ elemental and isotopic techniques to seafloor sulfide ores and sulfide-bearing host rocks to investigate the complex ore-forming processes of these deposits.

This project will be focused on micrometer- to sub-micrometer-scale elemental and isotopic signatures of different sulfides deposits collected from deep-sea hydrothermal vent fields at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge to characterize the processes that form SMS deposits at the slow spreading Mid-Atlantic Ridge. This project is organized into three tasks: (1) investigation of micrometer- to sub-micrometer-scale elemental variations within sulfides and related metal deportment; (2) tracing micrometer-scale isotopic variations within sulfides and fluid evolution; (3) development of a detailed genetic model for massive sulfide mineralization at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

FDCT Project reference: 0041/2021/A1 (2021-2024)


Principal Investigator (PI); ISE, USJ, Macau (PhD)

Team member (TM); ISE, USJ, Macau (PhD)

 Team member (TM); GEOMAR Kiel, Germany (PhD)

Katy Evans

Team member (TM); Curtin University (PhD)

Yafei Wu

Team member (TM); CUG, China (PhD)

Pedro Costa

PhD Student and Research Assistant (MSc)


GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany