The increasing pressure on natural resources and rising environmental degradation is driving a demand for well-trained professionals in environmental sciences and management both by the private and public sectors. The programme balances research-based modules (e.g. Environmental Technologies; Ecotoxicology and Environmental Health) with management-related modules (e.g. Environmental Management; Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship) to train professionals that master the specific concepts and methods of environmental sciences and that are also able to implement environmental solutions in organizations and industries. A highly qualified body of international researchers from diverse scientific areas supports the programme, allowing students to be integrated in research projects and receive hands-on training in advanced methods and techniques in environmental sciences. This provides a dynamic and engaging learning environment where students can develop skills and acquire knowledge useful for a career in a number of environment-related areas. Ultimately, the programme aims to increase the supply of professionals that can contribute with solutions to the demanding environmental challenges that the world is facing.





The programme coordinator is Ágata Alveirinho Dias


  • In companies and governmental agencies of any nature to implement Environmental Management Systems;

  • In Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Quality Monitoring and Environmental Remediation teams;

  • In laboratories to establish and run analytical protocols for the quantification and characterisation of pollutants;

  • As technicians in liquid and solid waste management stations;

  • As consultants in environmental consulting companies;

  • As educators in environmental sciences;

  • In environmental protection governmental agencies and NGOs;

  • In R&D in environmental sciences in private and public companies;

  • As researchers in universities and higher education institutes


  • “Occurrence of Environmental Endocrine Disruptors in Macau and Bioremediation Strategies” by Alexandre Lebel
  • “Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gases in Macau: Assessment on the Potentials of Natural Gas Development” by Lei Chon Kio
  • “Guidelines for an Oriented Organic Valorization Strategy for Macao” by Lei Man Sao
  • “Assessment of Ambient Particulate Matter Concentration in Schools of Macau” by Leong Seng Nam
  • “Adoption of Best Practices for Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Management in Macao” by Li Warren Man Ho
  • “Pyrolysis of Sewage Sludge in Macau: A Feasibility Study” by Mak Shui Sun
  • “Environmental Contamination by Microplastics in Macao: Contribution of Personal Care Products” by Sam Pui Wai
  • “Light Pollution in Macao: Assessment of Night-Sky Brightness and Potential Implications” by Tam Ka Ka
  • “Traffic Pollution & Urban Design, Alternatives for Developing Healthy Historical Centers. The Case of Macao” by Francisco Vizeu Pinheiro

List of selected open talks, Seminars and Roundtables