Detailed equipment list

Geochemistry, mineralogy and petrology

  • X-Ray Diffractometer – Rigaku SmartLab SE
  • Jaw Crusher – Retsch BB 200
  • Field sampling – RAEM Stero Photographs sets
  • Saw – Struers Accutom-100
  • Agate – Mill Retsch RM 200
  • Saw – Cuts Diamant
  • Vacuum sealer – AnchorChef
  • Field sampling – Multi-Stage Sludge Sediment Sampler Kit
  • Sediment analyses – sieves & sieve shakers Retsch AS 200
  • Sediment analyses – sample splitter Retsch 40.610.0001
  • Polarizing and reflecting light thin section collectionWard’s science DL1280
  • Field sampling – x4 Packet Stereoscope Magnification
  • Field sampling – Complementary Kit (Compasses, Hand Lenses, Rock Picks, etc) Estwing, Rock Pick, Suunto, NGS B3-2LB, E3-14P, E=3, MC2 2007
  • Muffle furnaces system and accessories – Carbolite ELF 11/6B


Analytical chemistry

Electrophysiology and bioacoustics

Molecular, cellular and microbiology

Animal facility

Our equipment is available for the scientific community to use. Send us an email if you would like to have access.

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