DNA Technology workshops for secondary school students

Bringing Science to the local Schools

The project mainly consisted of workshops and integrated hand-on activities given to secondary school students.  The workshops are related to DNA extraction and DNA technology investigation activities using PCR.  The project aims to encourage local students to learn and love science by bringing these hands-on activities to their classrooms. Through these activities, students gain practical exposure  by getting involved in real-world laboratory procedures that are used in DNA Technology like extraction of  DNA from many different organisms for a variety of applications and the use of PCR in forensics, diagnostics and GMO testing.

Funded by FDCT, reference 028/2010/P.


Karen Tagulao

M.Sc. Principal Investigator (PI) from ISE, USJ, Macau

Chan Shek Kio

Ph.D. Co-Principal Investigator (PI) from ISE, USJ, Macau

Mak A

Team Member