Inventory and assessment of the marine flora of Macau

This research provided essential baseline information on the diversity, abundance and distribution of the marine flora of Macao. The research project was able to identify mangrove and seaweed species present in the coastal environment of Macao well as map their spatial distribution. Seasonality trends in reproduction on the identified species are also established. The results from this study are important in elucidating relevant ecological areas for marine flora conservation and management in Macao.

Funded by FDCT reference 028/2010/A.


Karen Tagulao
M.Sc. Principal Investigator (PI) from ISE, USJ, Macau

Chan Shek Kio
Ph.D. Co-Principal Investigator (PI) from ISE, USJ, Macau

Ang Po
Co-Principal Investigator (PI)

Wong S

Kam K


Mangrove forests, home to a variety of ecologically important marine and estuarine flora and fauna, are an important component of Macao’s coastal ecosystem. The research project on the marine flora was conducted to help understand, protect and manage these existing mangroves.

A booklet entitled “Macao’s Mangroves” was recently released, which is intended to serve as a good introductory material to enhance environmental awareness within the local community. It is written in both English and Chinese, with a very graphical format and minimal technical descriptions,  as it is meant  for use by members of the general public, including students, teachers and all others who are interested and keen to learn more about Macao’s natural environment, specifically the mangroves forests.


Seaweeds (macroalgae), which are benthic primary producers, are also important in coastal ecosystems. The project identified several species of seaweeds along the coast of Macao, some of which, aside from their ecological value, are also commercially valuable.