ResearcherID: H-1372-2012
Research Gate: Sara D. Cardoso


  • 2009 BSc in Biology, specialization in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology
  • 2011 MSc in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • 2019 PhD in Biological Sciences, specialization in Molecular Ecology

2013 to 2018, PhD student in the Integrative Behavioural Biology Lab at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC), Oeiras, Portugal.


Broadly, I seek to understand the proximate mechanisms underlying the expression of behavior, specifically the ones that facilitate consistent patterns of behavior within populations/strains of the same species. During my PhD, I focused my research on sexual behavior and developmental plasticity, where I investigated the neural and molecular mechanisms that regulated the observed plasticity in behavior in natural populations by doing RNA-seq. Currently, I am interested in how sexual conflict is resolved in a system where both males and females display different levels of aggression due to either natural or artificial selection. Additionally, the genomic basis of aggression in this species is being researched using different approaches from hormonal to genomic analyses by comparing the described strains.

Genomic and physiological mechanisms of aggressive behaviour; Transcriptomics of intralocus sexual conflict; Genome editing using the CRISPR tool kit.


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