Selection for aggression
Chemical communication
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WELCOME to the FIGHT project!

FIGHT – Hormonal, pheromonal and genomic regulation of aggression in a fish model

決鬥 – 魚模型的攻擊性以荷爾蒙、費洛蒙及基因之調控

The project aims to investigate the mechanisms of chemical communication in Betta splendens. For this, a combination of behavioral, endocrine, transcriptomic and electrophysiological techniques will be applied.

Project reference: FDCT 093/2013/A2 (2017-2020)


Melina Silva

Doctoral student, ISE, USJ, Macau and University of the Algarve, Portugal

Lam Kin Pong

Research Assistant, ISE, USJ, Macau