Associate Professor

David Gonçalves

ResearcherID: L-3514-2016
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-6851-7215
Research Gate: David Gonçalves

Research interests

I am a Biologist with interests in Animal Behaviour. In particular, I have been interested on the endocrine, physiological, genomic and brain mechanisms of behaviour. I have been using fish as study-models as, within vertebrates, fish are the champions of behavioural diversity and, adapting Krogh’s principle, an adequate fish species to investigate almost any question can be found. I am also interested on how human-induced environmental changes may interfere with normal animal physiological mechanisms and behaviour


  • 2020 | 2023 – SEACHEM – Comparative study on the functions and mechanisms of action of pheromones in marine echinoderms and fishes in a changing ocean/ 全球变化背景下信息素在棘皮动物和鱼类中作用过程和机制的比较研究. Co-PI
  • 2021 | 2023SenSing – Acoustic communication in changing sensory environments: testing adaptive responses with the vocal fish model Danionella translucida, FDCT 00068/2020/A2. Team member.
  • 2019 | 2022 – FISHMUC -Bioactive properties of external mucus isolated from coastal fish of Macao and Portugal/ 澳門及葡萄牙沿海魚類外部黏液的生物活性特徵. Co-P
  • 2020 | 2023 – FISHSTRESS – Causes and consequences of the stress response in fish: environmental factors and transgenerational adaptation / 魚類壓力-反映於魚類壓力的成因與後果:環境因素和跨代適應.   Coordinator
  • 2020 | 2023 – PlastiFish – Methods, effects and risk analysis of microplastics in fish production”, FCT-FDCT 0004/2019/APJ. MOP 912.000,00 Team member. 
  • 2017 | 2020 – FIGHT – Hormonal, pheromonal and genomic regulation of aggression in a fish model. FDCT 093/2017/A2. Coordinator.
  • 2014 | 2017 – DISRUPT – Environmental Endocrine Disruptors: Current Situation in Macao, Neurobehavioral Effects and Bioremediation Strategies. FDCT 011/2014/A1. Coordinator.
  • 2012 | 2015 – Behavioral plasticity meets neuroplasticity: brain neurogenesis in the polymorphic fish Salaria pavo, FDCT 012/2012/A1. Coordinator.
  • 2008 | 2012 – Neuroendocrine mechanisms of reproductive polyphenisms in the blenny Salaria pavo, FCT – PTDC/MAR/71351/2006. Coordinator.


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