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WELCOME to the ZAN project!

ZAN – Acquired hearing loss in the Zebrafish model: investigating the mechanisms underlying Aging and Noise effects on the vertebrate auditory system

斑馬魚模型的聽力損失:老化以及噪音在脊椎動物的聽覺系統裹影響機 制的探討

Objectives: This project aims to 1) to examine the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying noise induced hearing loss; 2) to investigate the genetic modulation of age-related hearing loss; and 3) to evaluate how aging and exposure to noise interact causing hearing dysfunction in the zebrafish model.

Relying on a variety of electrophysiology, immunohistochemistry, imaging, genetic and and behavioral techniques. this project provides an opportunity to gain a comprehensive knowledge on the underlying mechanisms of auditory dysfunction in vertebrates. The team will focus on two main types of acquired hearing impairment and their interaction at the structure and function levels, which is fundamental for a sensible design of protective measures and treatment of human deafness.

Project reference: FDCT 046/2018/A2 (2018-2022)


Principal Investigator (PI), ISE, USJ, Macau

Team member – Institute of Research on Cancer and Aging of Nice, France (IRCAN ), and Champalimaud Center for the Unknown, Portugal

Team member, Southern University of Science and Technology, China (SUSTech)

Postdoctoral researcher, ISE, USJ, Macau

Rafael A. Lara

PhD student, ISE, USJ, Macau

MSc student, ISE, USJ, Macau

Research Assistant, ISE, USJ, Macau