Mesozoic Magmatism of Macao and Hong Kong

MESOZOIC MAGMATISM OF MACAO AND HONG KONG Mesozoic magmatism of Macao and Hong Kong in the context of SE China geodynamics澳門與香港的中生代岩漿作用 (含前往路環的野外行程) Date: 22nd April 2017 (Saturday) – Meeting and workshop + Field trip Venue: Speakers Hall and Science lab of the Institute for Science and Environment, Rua de Londres16, Macau SAR | 澳門外港新填海區倫敦街16號(環宇豪庭), MacauOrganized […]

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MagIC Previous Next WELCOME to the Mag.I.C project!MagIC – Petrology and Geochemistry of Igneous Rocks from Macao: Implications for the Crustal Evolution of Southern China / 澳门火成岩之岩石学与地球化学—对华南地壳演化的影响)This project aimed to develop a detailed digital cartographic map of the igneous rocks of Macao, useful for professionals from different areas and to understand the geological history of the

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The Vocal Brain of Fish

The Vocal Brain of Fish Development of Auditory Processing and Vocal Motor Control The question of how brain coordinates vocal output is relatively unknown. While human and bird vocal communication is relatively complex, studying simpler models such as fish can provide important insights for understanding the development of fundamental units in the central nervous system

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Behavioral Plasticity Meets Neuroplasticity

Brain Neurogenesis in the polymorphic fish Salaria pavo Funded by FDCT, reference 012/2012/A1. ABSTRACT The study of the mechanisms associated with the production of new neurons in the adult brain, neurogenesis, is of paramount importance both for clinical and non-clinical reasons. Adult mammals, and humans in particular, have a very limited capacity for producing and integrating

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