* Currently at the FCUL; Former Associate Professor (ISE, USJ); PhD in Geology (Crystallography, Mineralogy and Metallogeny; Univ. Lisbon)



Marine geochemistry, mineralogy and petrology; Deep-sea hydrothermal systems and associated deposits; Magmatic and Ultramafic systems; Isotopic geochemistry and geochronology.

(Marine fieldwork)

  • Luso2009 – Scientist in on board of NRP Almirante Gago Coutinho (PT) with the ROV (Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle) Luso; Governmental Task Group for the Portuguese Continental Shelf Extension (EMEPC); Azores island slopes geomorphology and geology and scientific studies for the Portuguese continental shelf extension in the Atlantic Ocean. Coordinator of survey dives at AMAR region.
  • Luso2008 – Scientist in on board NRP Almirante Gago Coutinho (PT) with the ROV Luso; Scientific studies for the Portuguese continental shelf extension in the Atlantic Ocean; Governmental Task Group for the Portuguese Continental Shelf Extension (EMEPC); Coordinator of the sediment corers sampling PI: Manuel Pinto de Abreu e Nuno Lourenço.
  • H2Deep (leg)- Scientist and gravity core drilling coordinator at leg 2, on board of G.O. SARS (Norway) with the ROV Bathysaurus; Survey of hydrothermal systems from Ultraslow spreading ridges. European cruise (EuroMARC Project).
  • CD167 (SEAHMA) – Scientist and gravity core drilling coordinator on board of RRS Charles Darwin (UK). The aim of the cruise was the geological and geophysical survey of the Saldanha hydrothermal system (Mid-Atlantic Ridge).
  • SEAHMA 1 – Scientist on board of Atalante (IFREMER) with ROV Victor. MAR seafloor research Portuguese mission (Seahma project/FCT); Participation as researcher and responsible of ROV research dives (FCUL).
  • SALDANHA – Scientist on board of NADIR (IFREMER), with a deep diving submersible – NAUTILE  (IFREMER). MAR seafloor research. Participation as researcher and coordinator of one of the Nautile submersible dives. Portuguese and French mission financed by Portuguese Government funds (Programa PRAXIS XXI).
  • PLAMIBEL I – Junior scientist on board Auriga oceanographic vessel. Portuguese mission (IH – Portuguese Hydrographic Institute) with collaboration of Bordéus University. Research participation. Study of the Portuguese continental shelf between Douro and Minho rivers and the turbiditic plumes connected with rivers from northern.


Science Spreading Projects:



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